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We have grown from a 3,000 square foot shop to a 25,000 square foot full service custom fabrication facility, servicing industrial and commercial clients across North America. Raylin is a top choice for stunning architectural steel projects. Our highly experienced fabricators and state of the art equipment help to deliver creative designs and precise components; supporting general contractors, millwork companies, project managers, architects and individuals looking for the best in Edmonton metalwork.

Our work is quality centric, meeting exact design specifications, safety requirements and visual appeal; delivered by a team of committed professionals. The reputation we have built is a result of our dedication to delivering value and collaborating with our clients to produce unique steel creations that work within budgets.



Custom Fabrication

The products we create fulfill architectural and cosmetic needs; our diverse shop and experienced team delivers visually appealing functional steel products. We offer capability with a unique perspective - delivering creative solutions to a variety of customer requirements. The originality of our design, and a foundation of strong fabrication processes is what sets us apart from other custom metal shops in Edmonton.



Custom Fabrication

As a testament to our quality work and positive work atmosphere, we have employees with more than two decades of experience at Raylin. We built our success on the dedicated work ethic and competency of our team; the designers and fabricators that fuel our reputation with impressive results. The work we do changes every day, and our team enjoys a creative environment that challenges them.


Custom Fabrication

Our business operates around the safe and effective use of major industrial equipment for cutting, forming and joining steel. Everybody within Raylin is trained on the safe use of equipment to ensure quality work and an incident free workplace. All of our tools are routinely inspected and upgraded to ensure accurate work without hazards. We are committed at all levels of our business to providing a safe work environment that everyone is comfortable to operate in.


We have grown from a 3000 square foot shop to a 25000 square foot full service custom fabrication facility supplying industrial and commercial clients across North America.