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The right tools make the difference in producing the best quality product and achieving a more precise design with great frequency. We have always reinvested in our equipment to achieve the highest accuracy and predictability that modern engineering has offered the fabrication industry. Our shop houses state of the art software & robotics, higher capacity and more accurate machines than almost anyone in Edmonton. All of our staff is trained on the safe and effective operation required to produce the best results.

Our shop is clean, safe and provides a one stop for design, laser cutting, punching, shearing, forming, welding and finishing. We have removed the need for numerous sub-contractors and individual specialists that can alter the quality and increase the costs of a fabrication project.


Metal Fabrication Equipment

With any fabrication project, you hire a company to produce the desired result to the best quality and on budget. Having experienced fabricators operating state of the art equipment around a proven process delivers more predictable results. The outcome of the fabrication process depends on how good the equipment is and how well it is used, and Raylin has become the trusted provider of custom metal work in Edmonton because of our dedication to quality.


Metal Cutting, Punching, Welding and Forming Tools

With precise tools for cutting, punching, welding and forming; we program and produce hundreds of identical units. This is particularly valuable for the electrical components we produce for original equipment manufacturers, where we can deliver accurate and identical elements. Our equipment can support larger volume production, providing faster turnaround time on steel fabrication projects with high repetition.


Custom Fabrication

By mixing experienced fabrication specialists with state of the art equipment we offer a higher stardard of precision, vital for architectural steel fabrication that has to look, fit and function properly. Our Millwork clients benefit from equipment and employees who understand how to produce attractive metal components that are exact to design requirements.




• Amada LC 3015 F1 NT 4kW CO2 laser
• Amada Vipros 358 KING II Turret Punch
• 130 metric tonne 4.2 meter Safan e-Brake
• 55 metric tonne 2 meter Safan e-Brake
• 100 tonne 3 meter Amada series III Fine
   [alpha] Bender 1030
• 12' Cincinnati 5 Mechanical Press Brake
• 10' Amada M-3060 Shear


•Panasonic PerformArc Robotic Welding System
•12" HYD-MECH H-12 Band saw
• 2 12" Remi-Eisele circular cold saws
• MIG, TIG, Spot, and Stud welders
• Hydraulic PEM Insertion Machine
• Electrostatic Conveyorized Powder Coating Bay
• Bead Blasting Cabinet




Our shop is clean, safe and provides a one stop for design, laser cutting, punching, shearing, forming, welding and finishing.